focus groups

One of the best ways of gaining in-depth feedback from your customers or service users is to hold a focus group. These sessions allow for group discussion and generate some great ideas and feedback that is often more useful than a simpler survey as the facilitator can ask follow-up questions when an answer isn't clear or when they feel that the topic could be explored in more detail.

We have experience in facilitating focus groups for a range of organisations. Because we are completely independent and impartial we find that people can really open up and be honest about their experiences, and if you don't know what mistakes you are making you can't learn from them. 

To help you get started, we have added a copy of a simple consent form that we created to set out the rules and expectations for everyone taking part and to explain what the information will be used for and how the confidentiality would be protected for participants.

Here's what our customers have to say about our consultation services:

"Our service users felt comfortable enough to talk openly to her, providing an insight we could not have achieved otherwise."(Home-Start Hull)

"Anna gave great direction and advice in constructing my survey. She helped push it through various different routes and achieved a sample size that meant I could go ahead with business planning.” (Daniel B.via PeoplePerHour)

Active Outcomes Focus Group Consultation Consent

consultation services

We offer a wide range of consultation services, and can help with the entire process, from drafting the questions right through to analysing the results.

  • Online, Physical and Telephone Surveys
  • Focus Groups:
  • Case Studies

case study writing service

Case studies are powerful tools. They are one of the best ways to tell the world about what you can offer. They tell a story, giving real-life examples of how you solved the problems of your customers or clients. They can highlight your success and generate some great publicity.

Get in touch if you would like to see some examples of case studies we have drafted - we'd love to chat about what we can offer

consultation advice

Don't know where to start with planning a consultation?

Watch our video presentation to see Active Outcomes' top tips on planning consultation and engagement activities below...

Consultation and engagement

Consultation and engagement activities can reap huge rewards for organisations. Whether you are raising awareness of your product or service, or looking to gain valuable feedback from customers. We can help you set realistic objectives, target your audience effectively and design strategies that will deliver real results.

It can help to have an independent and impartial facilitator when you consult, as those participating feel more confident about their answers being kept confidential. This can be especially useful if you need to submit the data as evidence as part of an evaluation process.

From online surveys, focus groups and round-table discussions to full case study drafting, we're here to help.